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Interstellar Communications, a member of the Interstellar Group of companies, is a global telecommunications consulting firm dedicated to providing integrated communication solutions for governments and enterprises-both national and international, especially for clients in least developed countries (LDC’s), with focus on Africa.

M.Daniel Nelson-CEO and President
Mr. Nelson is veteran of the AT&T/Lucent Technologies family. Having worked for both Lucent Technologies, Inc (now Acatel-Lucent) and AT&T Corporation, he brings years of experience in both equipment configuration and communication networking. He has both an undergraduate and an MBA.

Darrell Peplow-VP of Operations
Mr. Peplow is a veteran of AT&T Corporation and Co-founder of TeleGroup, USA and former president of Total Communications.

Interstellar Communications focuses on meeting customers’ needs, not only for the current environment, but for long-term growth and expansion. To meet this challenge we utilize state of the art technology and experience, backed by the world’s premier equipment and networking companies. The aim is to create productivity, efficiency, and reliability. We will produce local, national and global solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and specifications.

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