Our Main Services

Network Communications

Interstellar Communications, the national communication division, serves small and large businesses at the local, regional, and national level. The international arm focuses on telecommunication infrastructural development in Africa and other least developed countries (LDC’s). Working with some of the largest, most experienced telecommunications and equipment providers in the world, and utilizing years of experience in the LDC’s, especially in Africa, we are positioned to make the telecommunication impact needed to provide worldwide connectivity to countries in such regions.

Our services include products from T1 to OCX access, IP, VoIP, Data, LD, Local, Internet, Web hosting and internet security; intrusion detection, business continuity and disaster recovery. Through alliance partnership with national and global companies we have a combined experience of more than a hundred years.

Consulting and Media

Want to create the proper image for the right impact? Our media division can help you fashion the image needed to the right impression to send the desired message. The right impression makes the difference and the first impression makes a lasting impression. Let us help you sculpture an image of impactful impression.

Having the right advice is as priceless today as it was in ancient times. Our consulting division provides the advices needed to make the right decision. In today’s fast changing world, the right decision can make the difference between reaching one’s goal or starting all over. Whereas the success leads to other successes, failure could be costly, very costly.

The right advice. The right decision. Right now.